Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming Home...

We are approaching Nicole's one week anniversary. After three nights at the hospital we came home to the house Nicole will be raised for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to all who made the trip down and took time out of their day to visit us. Being couped up in the hospital for three days went significantly faster with your visits to break up the days.

The nursery is all decorated and stocked with the supplies she will need and we've been using everything which was gifted or purchased. Thank you all for those wonderful gifts. Diapers are disappearing faster than evaporating water on a hot summer day.

While we were away Kota spent time at some of our friends houses, he came home on Sunday and found his world had also been turned upside down. While house looked the same as when he left that fateful Tuesday night somehow he had been passed up in the ranks of the pack by this little sleeping figurine of a person. Being the wonderful dog he is, he wasted no time in welcoming her into the pack.

The weather last midweek started off dreary, it rained from the day of her arrival through the weekend. Today we spent some time outside, the weather was perfect, upper 60's and a clear blue sky with just the right amount of gentle breeze. The perfect early fall day.

This morning Nicole got her first bath in the sink, I washed her with a washcloth and baby shampoo. After she got to layout in the sun for the first time. You could tell she was enjoying the warm rays as they heated her little body. She lay stretched out on my lap as we sit on the front step watching the world go by.

Such are the days of the first week of life, filled with lots of sleep some food and subsequent changes. Most of all quality time with Mom, Dad and of course Kota too.

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