Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 Weeks Old!

Yesterday Nikki was 2 weeks old! She has caught up to and surpassed her birth weight and is now just over 9 lbs. We can already tell her face is filling out a little bit and she is getting a little heavier to pick up - all good signs!

The picture below is her snoozing in her swing. As long as she is moving, she is a happy little girl - just like her Daddy!

We are starting to get her on a bit of a schedule. Last night she slept for a full 4 hours at one time, which makes Mom very happy! A huge THANK YOU to Grandma Ring for spending the day yesterday cleaning the house and watching Nikki while Mom got some much needed sleep!

Poor Kota is so bored. He follows us around the house and looks longingly out the window wondering when we are going to return the crying, squirmy, pink little bundle... He is very excited to be going pheasant hunting with Mike for the first time. We are practicing returning the toy bird that Mike bought. I think he's ready for the real deal.

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Abra said...

Nicole is so beautiful...congrats to you and Mike!